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Scaling a community or Not everything needs to scale

Two posts this week are related but in entirely different fields. -1- “Not Everything needs to Scale” by Beekey Cheung. It is targeted at developers but I think the words are true for community managers. Here’s the rub: The difference … Continue reading

Think That Employee Harassment Complaint Is Too Stupid To Take Seriously? Just Write Your Check To Me Now →

From the often funny but always legally interesting Popehat: American employers are, in fact, responsible for taking reasonable steps to protect their employees from racial or sexual harassment by third parties. This is the example I use when I train … Continue reading

Reverse-engineering censorship in China: Randomized experimentation and participant observation →

via and Science magazine To find out the details of how the system works, we supplemented the typical current approach (conducting uncertain and potentially unsafe confidential interviews with insiders) with a participant observation study, in which we set up our … Continue reading

78% of Anonymous Commenters Will Leave If Forced to Use a Real Identity →

Really well done analysis of a Livefyre study on anonymous commenting. Livefyre’s Samantha Hauser makes the case that anonymity isn’t so much the cause of terrible comment sections as much as a lack of moderation strategy. I definitely agree with … Continue reading →

The quote is frightening and sad (even allowing for “these days”): As long as the Internet keeps operating according to a click-based economy, trolls will maybe not win, but they will always be present,The faster that the whole media system … Continue reading

Riot starts getting tough on toxic LoL players with “instant” bans →

This is a pretty big community management turnaround for Riot, which has in the past made a point of trying to reform and reintroduce problem players into the League of Legends community rather than just going straight for the banhammer. The company has taken … Continue reading

Consumers Will Punish Brands that Fail to Respond on Twitter Quickly →

Customers have high expectations for a quick response: 53 percent who expect a brand to respond to their Tweet demand that response comes in less than an hour, according to the Lithium-commissioned study by Millward Brown Digital. That figure skyrockets … Continue reading

The golden rules of community management →

An older link from econsultancy (is 2010 old?)  The internet is littered with empty forums and half-formed Ning groups, so here are a few universal rules that will help you grow a successful, useful online community whether it’s for a … Continue reading

Why 29 is the best number for BuzzFeed listicles →

While listicles with 10 items are the most prevalent (BuzzFeed sells lists of that length to advertisers, Lotan writes), and there are plenty of even-numbered lists, odd numbers have “higher audience score on average” and “the number 29 tends to … Continue reading

Creating distraction-free reading experiences — azumbrunnen →

Adrian Zumbrunnen wrote a beautiful piece on reading. I wish more designers of community platforms would read it. Discourse is trying, but I still find it busy. On the web, we are confronted with an unprecedented amount of distractions that … Continue reading

Scunthorpe problem →

The problem was named after an incident in 1996 in which AOL‘s profanity filter prevented residents of the town of Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, England from creating accounts with AOL, because the town’s name contains the substring cunt. I didn’t know the name of this problem … Continue reading