Digital marketing metrics vs digital support metrics

I posted the following to twitter today:

It’s interesting to me that ‘engagement’ is a major digital marketing metric and ‘call deflection’ is a major digital support metric. “I hope they talk to me” vs. “please don’t talk to me”. We need a bigger view.

That was the distilled sentence from a whole blog post that I may flesh out later. But that’s enough. Think about each spot on your customer lifecycle. How friendly and open are you being at each stop? Keeping your existing customer is way cheaper than getting a new one so why are we (most consumer product companies) making it so difficult to talk to us? Why are we paying customer support techs such low wages and outsourcing what could be a major customer retention opportunity?

If you are running a customer support community, consider marketing metrics as part of your metric play. Just going with ‘contact deflection’ is a lesser scoring game.