Throwback Thursday: Jive and IBM strategies in 2009

I came across these two articles in my feed reader archive today.

In Larry Dignan’s article “Jive and the battle for the social enterprise” (10 March 2009) there’s this quote:

Simply put, Jive has made its move, but it’s unclear whether much of what is called enterprise 2.0 will be features in larger enterprise suite. […]The end game: Jive is likely to be acquired by a larger fish after it makes some hay.

In “How IBM’s sprucing up its ‘social’ side” from 12 March 2009, CNet’s Charles Cooper covered a number of IBM technologies such as Play-by-Play, CoScripter, Privacy-aware MarketPlace, SaND (Social Networks and Discovery), and Blue Spruce.

Thus, it was show-and-tell time at what IBM dubbed its “Smarter Web Open House.” The labs folks were offering a peek at a cross-section of collaborative Web technologies–mostly in early beta stages and likely to need a lot more fine-tuning in the months ahead.

It’s five years later…Jive is now on version 7 and powering ahead. From what I could find today, all of the technologies that were covered in the article are still research products. To be fair IBM has at least 4 different ‘enterprise collaboration‘ products. It’s unclear if any of the technologies listed made their way into any of these collaboration products.

It’s interesting to know where we have come from and how far we still have to go.